How it works


How it works

Multi-layer leak detection for urban water systems

What We Do

Aquarius-Spectrum is a technology leader in the following areas:

  1. Online leak detection in water pipes
  2. Continuous monitoring of water networks
  3. Enabling a high level of water system operation and maintenance
  4. Advanced tools for budget planning

Aquarius-Spectrum’s patented comprehensive solution can monitor an entire water distribution network and provide a complete up-to-date graphical representation of history and statistics of every point of failure. This provides engineers and decision makers in municipal water utilities and water service providers with clear decision support information to give top service at an affordable cost. It empowers you with the information you need for efficient replacement and optimal repair.

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Vision and Mission

Our vision is a new standard of water leak detection and pipe condition monitoring for asset management across the world. This will be comparable to the level of decision support information that is seen in electricity distribution and communication systems, at a municipal and even national level of control.

Our mission is to bring our vision to fruition and we have been advancing in that direction since 2009.

Our mission is in the development of innovative technologies including:

  • Acoustic sensors and signal processing algorithms
  • User-friendly web-based software
  • Online expert support
  • Affordable and easily-installed monitoring systems
  • High ROI for water system operators


Aquarius-Spectrum’s philosophy is to provide water facilities with powerful tools that they can use efficiently and effectively. That means making our solution affordable and easy to implement and so we take care of every aspect of installation, setup and maintenance and also provide ongoing 24/7 support. This approach ensures our customers get a high return on their investment and will allow us to see our mission through to completion.

Company Development

Aquarius-Spectrum is a privately-owned, privately-invested, limited company. The company was established in 2009 as a Kinrot technology incubator. In 2012 the first municipal project was implemented and Kinrot was acquired by Hong Kong-based cooperation Hutchinson Water. 2013 brought additional investment from Hutchinson and new implementations of our AQS-SYS solution in Hagihon (Jerusalem municipality water system) and 2 additional cities. The company monitors the daily operation of over 1800 sensors installed in over 900 km of pipes, reducing physical NRW to almost 0% in selected DMAs that are equipped with AQS-SYS.

The company is continuously expanding its professional team as more and more customers are choosing our technology. More than 50% of our dynamic team is comprised of engineers. We are involved in the development and integration of new hardware and software technologies and algorithms. We are in the process of building a global resale channel network and we welcome inquiries from established companies in this area.

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Smartphone-Based Leak Detection for Cost-Effective Leak Surveys and Pinpointing

Extend your expertise with smartphone-based leak detection sensors and technology. The traditional approach to water leak surveys, based on age of piping and suspected NRW losses, is expensive and inefficient.

iQuarius™ enables leak detection by smartphone-based sensor in:

  • Leak mapping by automatic noise analysis and GPS positioning
  • Leak pinpointing through correlation between 2 sensors plus sensitive ground microphone
  • Measuring and analyzing vibrations
  • Performing high resolution correlation
  • Reviewing your results and Getting online expert support

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iQuariusTM, the innovative mobile leak detection solution from Aquarius Spectrum, is a breakthrough in handheld devices, bringing high-end technology to every professional. It stands apart from conventional leak detection solutions for the following reasons:

  • It contains all the equipment necessary for professional leak detection and connects to your smartphone.
  • It includes a hand-held sensor, ground sensor, listening stick, correlators and hydrophone sensor.
  • It is a smartphone-based leak detection system using advanced signal processing at the server, intuitive user interface and GPS positioning on a map.
  • It is not just a stand-alone device, but an online connection to GIS maps, cloud-based data analysis and online expert support.
  • Enables fast and automatic leak surveying and mapping using acoustic analysis and GPS positioning.
  • Correlation-based leak detection made simple with just 2 smartphones that are perfectly synchronized by patented technology and can be operated by a single user.
  • Directs you right to the point where you need to verify the leak acoustics using the iQuarius ground sensor.

Aquarius Spectrum iQuariusTM is not just another water leak detection device. It is a part of the sophisticated AQS-SYS pipe monitoring and signal analysis system, providing water leak survey teams with functionality never before seen in leak detection equipment.

iQuariusTM connects your smartphone with our cloud-based correlation analysis engine and water system mapping application. It is the only water detection system in the world that enables receiving of online support for correlation interpretation from a live supervisor that can see all your measurements remotely and can guide you, based on GIS maps and advanced data analysis. iQuariusTM integrates state-of-the-art technologies, creating a solution that surpasses conventional methods of leak detection by a mile!

iQuariusTM brings the smartphone revolution to the leak detection arena, in which proven acoustic detection principles are unleashed by the power of digital processing.


Benefits to Water Leak Survey Engineers

  1. High ROI. You will increase your work efficiency dramatically and get an automatic mapped route of checks at every point. You will increase measuring accuracy and avoid error by online data review.
  2. High reliability. Raises the standard compared with existing devices by digital signal processing and GPS positioning on a map.
  3. Cost effective, pay-as-you-go service. Pay for the services you consume and enjoy automatic pipe map presentation, automatic data analysis and reporting.
  4. Work fast and expand your team. You can manage larger survey teams, identify all leaks and spend less time pinpointing leaks than ever before.


Benefits to Water Utilities

  1. Your leak survey teams – whether in-house or contracted – will be working to a higher degree of accuracy and efficiency in locating leaks.
  2. They can have a complete online GIS map including water piping and roads.
  3. You can see their progress online via your dashboard.
  4. You can co-ordinate activities between different teams.
  5. Manage and transmit the detected leaks to maintenance teams, at a click.

How Much Does it Cost?

  1. It starts at a few hundred dollars plus a modest operation fee (per spot /per mile).
  2. It will save you much more than it costs.
  3. Cost effective for both occasional and heavy usage. You will pay less than what you paid for leak equipment in the past, and get better results.

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Proven automated water-leak monitoring system

The AQS-SYS correlated detection system is a game changer in water leak detection and asset management. The system informs you with certainty when a leak is starting to develop, giving you its exact position, long before the damage is caused. AQS is based on correlating sensors that integrate 3G cellular communication, GPS synchronization and cloud-based automatic signal processing.


AQS-SYS is a complete automated water-leak detection system.

  • We provide all the infrastructure including hardware, communication, cloud console and service
  • We provide you with up-to-date information on pipeline condition and leak status
  • We provide a GIS-based dashboard, complete with maps, graphs and event history to aid you in decision-making regarding water distribution system maintenance and service

Aquarius Spectrum AQS-SYS is not just a product or just a service, but a complete and comprehensive solution for leak monitoring, repair and pipe maintenance. It brings you a clear, accurate and updated picture of the condition and integrity of your water pipeline and additionally sends out automated notifications of leaks as they develop. You can observe your water system through the AQS-SYS web interface at any time and make your own analysis of the leak map/GIS. In addition, our water engineers are available every day for advice and consultancy and all this is offered as part of the service.

AQS-SYS is an effective system for maintaining urban water distribution assets. Its acoustic sensors are installed on the water supply infrastructure and so it monitors the entire water system of a town or city 365 days a year. Leaks are detected by acoustic correlating sensors and located the moment they start (holes from 1.5 mm) that transmit data via 3G cellular communication. Automatic notifications are issued to the facility engineers, indicating the location of the fault on the map while the system continues to monitor the pipe for further deterioration.

Primary Benefits

  1. A smart solution to efficiently maintain your water network by online monitoring of leaks and pipe condition.
  2. You will cut collateral damage from pipe bursts by catching the leak while still small.
  3. You will reduce NRW losses far more than with a survey-based approach. See Case Study
  4. You will manage your water O&M activities more efficiently.
  5. We make it simple by showing you where the leaks are and their intensity. All that’s left for you to do is fix the point of failure.
  6. Once the leak has been discovered by AQS-SYS, you will need to employ water leak detection equipment to pinpoint and mark the position ready for the repair team (see the unique mobile iQuarius).
  7. You will maintain high service to residents: You will reduce the number of water stoppages, you will be able to notify in advance of urgent repairs by catching impending bursts before they happen and you will even be able to notify residents in some cases of leakage identified below private yards and buildings.
  8. Actively advance an eco-friendly policy by saving energy due to reduced water wastage.


Better Management of O&M Activities

  • You will be able to prioritize your asset replacement based on accurate and organized data of all leaks development history.
  • You will know exactly which sections to replace, based on the condition of pipes and not their age
  • You won’t waste your budget replacing serviceable pipes that are in good condition
  • You will prevent many major water pipe bursts by catching them in time
  • You can plan infrastructures projects in advance

AQS-SYS enables detection of very small leaks that cannot be detected by surveys and noise loggers, owing to a continuous correlation-based detection method that has been proven in thousands of installed AQS-SYS sensors.

By detection of all evolving leaks, AQS-SYS allows you to prioritize leak repair and water pipe segment replacement, based on the leak’s flow rate due to pipe deterioration, thus saving water and saving money fixing worthless pipes. The system also detects sections with high corrosion so you can treat these areas accordingly.

Right now, as the cost of water leak surveys per mile is high, only a small percentage of your inventory is budgeted to be surveyed each year. Furthermore, identifying sources of pipe failure requires considerable skill on the part of the water surveyor.
AQS-SYS automates the process and makes you less dependent on human expertise and less subject to human error.

  • Use your water leak survey budget effectively
  • Direct leak detection teams to within 10 yards of known leaks
  • Optionally use the iQuarius™ solution to pinpoint leaks to an accuracy of 1 foot.



Aquarius-Spectrum AQS water pipe monitoring solutions consist of unique proprietary technologies that are integrated into a single harmonious system.

The system components include:

  1. Advanced acoustic sensor technology
  2. Correlation-based leak detection and leak location
  3. GPS positioning and time synchronization with 3G cellular communication
  4. Advanced signal processing algorithms and web-based GUI
  5. Patented smartphone-based acoustic sensors enabling correlation and noise logging/mapping
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Advanced Acoustic Sensor Technology

The AQS acoustic vibration sensors are the backbone of the system. They incorporate a unique highly sensitive thin-film sensor technology and can be configured to respond to frequencies appropriate to different types of piping such as metal, plastic and others.


Continuous Correlation for Leak Detection and not Only for Pinpointing

Aquarius-Spectrum systems use correlation-based leak detection. This puts it far ahead of other “correlation on demand” systems that make their initial detection of leaks based on noise logging and only afterwards employ correlation techniques to improve the accuracy of positioning. The continuous correlation approach needs high data volumes and synchronization of each sensor. The AQS system therefore uses a 3G cellular communication modem and GPS synchronization to transmit high-resolution acoustic signals to the central analysis server.

The Aquarius-Spectrum algorithms therefore have very large amounts of data available to process. This allows them to identify leaks as small as 1/16″ (2 liters/minute) with a very high degree of certainty and virtually without false positives. The wealth of data, allows the algorithms to identify the existence of leaks without being misled by non-leak disturbances such as artifacts and environmental noise.


Broadband 3G Cellular Communication and GPS synchronization

All communication is handled by built-in broadband 3G GSM technology. Every sensor contains a 3G cellular transmitter and GPS receiver. This has substantial impact in the following ways:

  1. Large quantities of data can be sent to the analysis engine, containing the complete range of frequencies collected by the sensor.
  2. Sub-millisecond GPS-controlled time synchronization, ensuring high correlation accuracy.
  3. Easy and rapid deployment requiring no external aerials, no RF repeaters or concentrators, no licensing issues and no installation on streetlamps. AQS sensors are simply attached to hydrants or pipes every 1000-1500 feet above or below ground, with no additional components.
  4. Long battery life is achieved by an advanced power-effective design, which has been tested to last over 5 years in standard operating conditions.


Web-Browser-Based Graphic Dashboard

The AQS graphic dashboard integrated with municipal maps is the water engineer’s decision center. The results of all the signals received and processed are presented in a clear visual manner with actionable advice and they constitute an online decision support platform for the handling of water leaks in the network.


Mobile Smartphone App Sensors

iQuariusTM is a breakthrough in smart acoustic leak detection that lets you connect accurate measurement techniques to GPS and Cloud computing. Aquarius Spectrum’s patented technology establishes a variety of new applications for water professionals such as easy leak surveying and leak pin-pointing. The iQuarius all-in-one solution enables visualization of pipe vibrations on the map and easily identifies leaks.

In addition iQuariusTM enables pinpointing of the leak by correlation between two sensors. Digital processing is performed on the sensor, smartphone App and connected widget and this achieves unparalleled signal quality and noise filtering. It works with many different types of acoustic sensors included in the iQuarius offering, such as ground sensors and hydrophones.

See iQuariusTM for more details.

Also see AQS-SYS , Deployment.